TeleSystem PRO is a platform designed to automatically insert TV and radio channels into a database and then add it to a website or mobile application, and when there are streaming server changes. or any other data from a station, there is no need to code or update the website or mobile app, as all changes will be done automatically, quickly and easily.

  • This software is a virtual assistant that helps organize and update all the radio and television channels indexed in its database automatically, including the Android mobile application.

  • The basic system includes
  •   Telesystem PRO Platform.
  •   Dynamic web page included.
  •   Compatible with vMix/OBS/RadioBoss.
  •   Luna Radio Player (requires license).
  •   HTML5 TV player (no license required).
  •   HTML5 radio player (no license required).
  •   Compatible for all types of mobil devices.
  •   Control panel for administrators and users.
  •   There are no limits to add radio and/or tv channels.
  •   Documented with detailed instructions and video tutorials.
  •   Android mobile application published in Google Play Market.
  •   It only covers updates between the same purchased version, Ex. v1.0 to v1.99.


You will need to have the following installed and enabled on your LINUX server:

-PHP >= 7.4+
-Appace/NGINX rewrite_module
– OpenSSL PHP Extension
– PDO PHP Extension
– CURL PHP Extension
– Fileinfo PHP Extension

If you are having installation errors, it is because some components are missing from your server that are not installed or activated, so you should contact your server’s technical support to verify that everything is correctly fine.


You can contact us through the following means.
We ask for your patience, due to the heavy workload we have daily.

– Email:
– Facebook: @televinter
– Youtube: @televinterservices


This platform only works with the Internet, so it is not recommended to install or use it on a computer without Internet, it will most likely never work properly in a local environment with XamppServer, WampServer, or other locally installable software.