The engine of this project is you! Because when you share this life project with your family, friends and co-workers who are in financial difficulties, you try to help them improve their economic situation, because Televinter Services will give all affiliates quick bonuses of 10% to 40% per registration of new affiliates and biweekly residual commissions, so the more you share and the more affiliates you register, everyone will earn equally, making their wishes and desires come true, because we all form an affiliate chain that day by day we improve our economic situation.

You must enroll in a product or service and/or monthly plan:

Our system is made up of many monthly plans with quick membership bonuses. You have total freedom to select the product, service or monthly plan that suits you best and that helps you make your dreams come true:

– With either of these plans, you have the option to earn ranks and also earn a 10% lifetime residual commission and a 10% to 40% quick bonus for every new direct affiliate that signs up. To activate and start receiving your commissions, you must have 1 direct or personal affiliate registered by you.

You decide when to start registering your references or direct persons under your genealogy.

You also decide how long you can earn commissions with Televinter Services, as there is no contract. (restrictions apply).

– Remember that the registration fee is based on any monthly plan and you must make your monthly payment 30 days after your registration.

The best method of reporting is to get the word out to anyone who thinks they need a financial sustainability opportunity.

You should share and recommend:

Imagine that you know many people who are going through serious financial problems, such as owning shops or loans, paying for their house or car or, in extreme cases, people who do not have a permanent job and eat 1 day and not another.

Can you also imagine people over 40 who, due to their age, cannot find work and how they are going to support their family?

So these people are the right ones to be in this project because nobody is going to give them something out of nothing, but they can share the idea and it may be profitable for them.

So, so that you can advance and grow quickly financially, it is best to comment or recommend to many people you know such as your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, that way everyone will have the same opportunity to earn and grow economically just like you. .

We all unify and take advantage of:

When you enroll a lot of people under you, you automatically start earning commissions every 15 days.

Because when they register automatically, it generates commissions for all the people who are above the registered person, that is the reason for the leverage because when everyone makes their purchase or payment automatically all the partners who are above that person will receive their commissions like you.

Easy right?

Now, can you see that the more members you register under you, the more money you will earn?

Now is when you can join Televinter Services and start enrolling unlimited members.

Today is your chance, don’t limit yourself!

If you have your monthly plan activated and updated, and due to a problem that you cannot collect on a certain date, your balance will accumulate when you can collect it.

Unlimited commissions or earnings:

The dates marked for payments to all members are the 15th and 30th of each month. If at any time these dates fall on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday, the payment is advanced to Friday. If these dates fall during the week, these payments will be made as normal.

Keep in mind that your earnings depend on your effort and that you share it with more people who require additional financial relief, since if you or your referrals have not registered new members before the payment date, you will not be able to charge anything for your referrals and your referrals referrals are what provide you with biweekly payments.

If at any time you die, your balance is never lost as long as the person you leave as beneficiary claims the balance within 90 days from the date of the incident. And when the beneficiary claims the balance, her place will continue to generate profits, as long as the beneficiary makes the monthly payments on time.

Will you expect others to win and grow financially?

Or are you someone with great needs who doesn’t think twice and says
“I’ll work now!”