Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have that are not listed below.

How to buy a product or service?

Simply go to the services section, search for a product or service and complete what is requested and continue until you reach the payment area, complete the registration form and then your debit or credit card details and as soon as you pay, the service will be activated in a few minutes.

How to send a personalized inquiry?

Just get the form in the contact section and detail what you need, we ask you to please add your WhatsApp number so we can call you and define more details about your project or request.

How work the support policy?

Part 1:  Any client who does not have an active monthly service must place a service order and prior payment will be scheduled within a maximum period of 24 hours after placing the order.

Part 2:  Any customer who has an active monthly service, we can help you as long as our hours are a little free, but if it is urgent, then you must make a service order based on your needs and hours to require and pay. It will be scheduled within a maximum period of 5 hours from the completion of the order.

Part 3:  Any client who wishes to have permanent technical support must contract a monthly technical support plan based on their needs, since our services are paid by the hour, and at the time the order is generated they will be attended within a maximum period of 2 hours.

Any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

How can send a refund request?

Sorry, any orders generated and completed are non-refundable. It could be refunded in case the order has been generated but not yet completed.

My account blocked what can I do?

You must contact us by sending an email and a WhatsApp text message, reporting the error and as soon as we can we will respond to your request.

Forgot my password how will do reset?

You will only have to request a password reminder, by pressing the button I forgot my password in the login form. When requesting the reminder, simply follow the instructions to be able to change your password without any problem.

How to send a custom features request?

You must fill out the contact form, or also by WhatsApp, detailing what you want and please add your WhatsApp number to the request to be able to contact you and refine more details to complete your request to your liking.

How to open a new account with same email?

Sorry, we do not allow having 2 accounts with the same information already registered, to have 2 accounts you must do it with a different email.

I am downloaded product, can I send refund request?

Sorry, if the order was completed, we cannot give you a refund. Orders generated but not yet completed apply for a refund.

How to open a new vendor account for selling product?

You must contact us by email or whatsapp to be able to give you precise details and prices, so in mutual negotiation we reach an agreement and in this way you can be a Televinter reseller.

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